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There are Michelin starred restaurants, Classics, Newcomers, and Trendy restaurants in the US, but which are the best ones? Read this article to find out! We’ll also tell you which cities have Michelin-starred restaurants! Then, book your tickets to one of the restaurants! After you’ve eaten at the best restaurants in the US, you’ll be sure to write a review about your experience!

Michelin-starred restaurants

If you have never been to a Michelin-starred restaurant, you’re missing out. The Michelin Guide, compiled by a tire company, has been awarding stars to restaurants worldwide for more than 100 years. The guide lists the top restaurants by star rating, ranging from one star to three stars. While Michelin has become synonymous with fine dining, the starred rating is not necessarily synonymous with high-quality food. Michelin-starred restaurants require you to have a perfect wine to go with your meal.

If you’re in the US and are looking for a Michelin-starred restaurant, check out these new places: Albi, Imperfecto, The Chef’s Table, Reverie, and Pepe Moncayo’s Cranes. You’ll also find Michelin-starred restaurants by Juan Manuel, Danny Lledo, and Yuan and Carey Tang, and Ryan Ratino’s Jont.

There are nearly 200 Michelin-starred restaurants in the US. Michelin inspectors have recognized talented chefs from every corner of the country and have created individual guides for each state. Even gaining a single star is an impressive achievement for many chefs; just thirteen in the US received three stars. Despite the fact that most Americans aren’t that adventurous when it comes to fine dining, they are still eager to experience the best restaurants in the world.

In Washington, DC, The Inn at Little Washington is the only restaurant in the US with three Michelin stars. The Inn at Little Washington creates a sense of pure indulgence for diners with its luxurious decor and award-winning wine cellar. And Chef Patrick O’Connell, who won three Michelin stars in May 2018, is committed to making modern American cuisine that is still fresh and delicious. The pricey tasting menu will set you back at least $500.

Another Michelin-starred restaurant in the US is Alinea in Chicago. The restaurant gained three stars in 2009, and it’s one of the most expensive in the country. A dinner at Alinea will set you back nearly $600, but it’s worth every penny. The chefs at Masa Takayama have mastered the art of creating fine sushi, and the menu changes daily. You can enjoy Toro tartare with caviar, striped Jack nigiri, or Yuzu sorbet.


This week, Eater is launching a new series called “Classics Restaurants to Try in the US.” The map features 23 classic restaurants that opened in the 19th century or earlier. Many of these restaurants are historic treasures from the east coast, with places like Commander’s Palace in New Orleans and Schaller’s Pump in Chicago being featured. There are also several newer establishments that are making it through the rough times.


There is a new concept in the US that celebrates our country’s diversity, immigrant DNA, and heritage: the Immigrant Food restaurant, a fast-casual concept in downtown D.C. The newcomers-focused restaurant was launched earlier this week and is led by global affairs specialist Peter Schechter. It is the first US restaurant to honor the heritage and DNA of immigrants of all races and ethnicities.

If you’re new to the United States, you’ll probably face some culture shock. While this can feel uncomfortable, it’s temporary. Just try something new every week, from a new food to a new TV show. If you’re still unsure of what to expect, stay open and embrace the differences in your surroundings. After all, this is America! You can do it. Try something new each week, and get used to this new lifestyle.

Trendy restaurants

Hibiscus has long been a symbol of California and Mediterranean cuisine, and some of the most trendiest restaurants in the US are inspired by this beautiful flower. Herb & Wood is a trendy San Diego restaurant that serves wood-fired dishes. The upscale, yet casual dining experience spreads over two lounges and a spacious dining room. Its food is equally airy and tasty. To find out more, visit the restaurant’s website or Facebook page.

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